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Field Sobriety Tests

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Field Sobriety Tests are used by police officers in RI and around the country to determine if someone is operating a vehicle under the influence (DUI/DWI). Developed by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, many drivers do not know that Field Sobriety Tests are not entirely reliable. Tests can be improperly administered by the on site police officer and require subjective interpretation by those on scene. There are also many other requirements for these tests including illumination, level area and free of any debris.

A person’s physical health can also be an issue. If you are asked to complete a Field Sobriety Test, you are technically required to this test because driving in Rhode Island is considered a “PRIVILEGE.” That’s right, a “PRIVILEGE.” It is not a CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHT but you still have fundamental rights which need to be protected. Again, this is where Schreiber & Schreiber separates itself from the others by providing informed, personal and sincere representation in reviewing everything in your case including these tests which are so crucial.

It is important for those involved in a Field Sobriety Test to have a well practiced RI DUI lawyer like Kenneth Schreiber as representation. Contact Kenneth Schreiber at 401-781-2000 for your free consultation today!