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Reckless Driving

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Reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor in Rhode Island and defined relatively vaguely by RI statute. There are three types of reckless driving charge in order of seriousness; these are simple reckless driving, then drag racing, and most criminal is driving to evade a police officer. All three are punishable by fines and, more commonly, a license suspension. Due to the high legal standard used to prove reckless driving (guilty beyond a reasonable doubt) and the ambiguity behind what constitutes reckless driving, your representation in these matters is critical. Your attorney should we well versed in the law and scrutinize every detail brought up by the prosecution in your case, two things Schreiber & Schreiber guarantees.

It is important for those charged with reckless driving to have a well practiced RI Criminal Defense lawyer like Kenneth Schreiber as representation. Contact Kenneth Schreiber at 401-781-2000 for your free consultation today!