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If you are in need of powerfully effective legal representation with over a 50 year track record of success, consider the attorneys at Schreiber & Schreiber Law. We understand the challenges inherent in a divorce, personal injury, or criminal case and we are here to provide the aggressive and results driven representation you need for success. The below cases are provided to show our results driven legal representation, and are just a few of many successful results.


Recent Criminal/DUI Cases.

Case: Client charged with the criminal charge of DUI. After finally reviewing all relevant material obtained through discovery, our office discovered a defective flaw in the procedure instituted by the police Department. As a result of our efforts, there was NO SUSPENSION and the matter was reduced to a lesser charge and the lesser charge will be expunged from the client’s record AFTER ONE YEAR. All without the need of a TRIAL.

Case: Client was charged with having over 4 kilograms of marijuana when stopped by State Police. Client, who was not a US citizen and with NO CONTACTS in Rhode Island, was held without bail prior to our representation. After our office’s involvement, client was able to convince the State Prosecutor and the Court of issues concerning the search of the vehicle when the drugs were discovered, granted bail and allowed to leave the State while his case was pending. Over a one year period, all relevant documentation obtained by this office through the discovery process was reviewed, analyzed and ultimately argued the case before the Pre-Trial Judge. The State of Rhode Island amended its charge to a much less serious charge which should allow the defendant to not be subject to deportation. This was also done without the need of a trial.

Case: Client charged with two felony counts of cheating at Twin River. He was arraigned and restrained from having any contact with the casino. After numerous court appearances over almost 18 months and the request of statements and video alleging the cheating, our office reviewed all the material and consulted with expert witnesses in preparation of a trial. Many witnesses associated with the arrests were also interviewed. After arguing the matter before the Court and all the deficiencies in the Stat’s case, ALL charges were dismissed without the need of a trial.


Recent Family Law Cases.

Case: Client is getting a divorce after over 30 years of marriage. There are three home which represents the majority of the assets. Over six months, client is offered one of the three homes which has the least amount of equity as well as some retirement benefits. After receiving materials and documentation through discovery, client received the second home which contained the majority of the equity and also the retirement benefits, ALL without the need of trial.

Case: Client has been married for almost 20 years and has two teenage children. Over the course of almost one year, client’s spouse’s attorney offers 40 percent of the assets alleging misconduct on the part of client and requesting supervised visitation. After our representation, a settlement was reached where the client received arguably more than 50 percent of the marital assets even though he made substantially more income and alimony was waived by both husband and wife. All without a trial.

Case: Client involved in a divorce where primary issue was the placement of the minor child, age 9. Prior to our representation, client had lost all rights of visitation and was not seeing or visiting with the minor child on any consistent basis. Within 60 days, the minor child was placed with the client on a majority basis and spouse had limited visitation. Client now has placement of the minor child.

Case: Client has been married for approximately 15 years. Her spouse is a physician and she also is gainfully employed. They have no children. They have accumulated a great deal of assets. After reviewing all discovery and having all material assets appraised, a demand of 65% of the marital assets was made. Spouse’s lawyer refused and offered just in excess of 50%. The case proceeded to trial. After preparing to go forward for trial, spouse agreed to our demands and ALL was approved as a divorce without the need for trial by the Court.