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Interstate Relocation

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Relocation cases are probably the most challenging cases any Court or Judge will decide. Depending on the request, a parent of a child may be seeking to relocate just to Massachusetts or as far away as Asia. Kenneth Schreiber has been successful in an overwhelming amount of relocation cases by aggressively presenting evidence to show what is in the best interest of the child or children. At the same time, Kenneth Schreiber maintains the compassion necessary to secure a continued relationship with the non-custodial parent where applicable. These cases are always emotional no matter side you are on. Schreiber & Schreiber is passionate, personal and aggressive to protect the interest of our clients, both those who are seeking to relocate and those who are seeking to PREVENT relocation. Our experience and track record of success when handling RI custody and support issues–and that doesn’t stop when the issues extend across state lines. Possible relocation of a spouse and/or children can complicate the already complex process of determining child custody and support, which makes finding the right lawyer even more important. With Kenneth Schreiber as your attorney, you will have tough and targeted representation that will get results for you and, most importantly, your children.

It is important for those seeking help with a restraining order to have a well practiced RI Family Court lawyer like Kenneth Schreiber as representation. Contact Kenneth Schreiber at 401-781-2000 for your free consultation today!