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eing charged with a repeated violation of RI DUI/DWI law is a serious allegation and you should retain an experienced RI DUI/DWI criminal lawyer. Penalties for repeat offenders can include jail, pay significant fines, and/or have their license suspended. As a repeat offender, the length and severity of these penalties are almost always greater in magnitude, too. Repeat offenses of DUI/DWI often involve jury trials and are charged as felony crimes, further magnifying your need for the powerful representation that Schreiber & Schreiber can provide.

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It is important to reiterate the distinction between a DUI criminal charge and a refusal charge which is civil. One involves your driving record. One involves your criminal record. The Attorney General handles ALL breathalyzer refusals, while a first or second offense DUI is prosecuted by the corresponding town or city or the Attorney General if it involves the state police or a state agency.


It is important for those accused of a repeat DUI/DWI offense in RI to have a well practiced RI DUI lawyer like Kenneth Schreiber as representation. Contact Kenneth Schreiber at 401-781-2000 for your free consultation today!