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Child Custody

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Divorce is a painful experience and can become particularly difficult when children are involved. In RI, parents can obtain physical or legal custody of their child. Legal custody ensures the parent the right to make education, healthcare, religious, and other decisions for the child. Physical custody, also referred to as placement or possession, is more specific and usually more important because it determines who your child or children will live with a majority of the time. These cases are generally highly emotional and many times the Court must determine “what is the best interest of the child (children). They require preparation, compassion and clear understanding of the law and the Court’s views. Kenneth Schreiber practices before the Family Court on a daily basis in this area and reflects the aggressive and experienced representation to succeed in this area. Kenneth Schreiber has the experience, the knowledge and the compassions to aggressively represent you in any child custody dispute and will bring an empathetic and powerful representation to your side.


It is important for those seeking help with child custody to have a well practiced RI Divorce lawyer like Kenneth Schreiber as representation. Contact Kenneth Schreiber at 401-781-2000 for your free consultation today!